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Thursday, March 23, 2006

hey, everyone! :P it`s alyssa and uhmmm, what`s her name? oh, yeah. ysabela. is that even how you spell it? KIDDING! LOVE YOU, ISABELLA. so, the party`s tomorrow na. :) you guys better be here at 3 pm. :) bring 200 buckses for food and stuffs. :P okay, guys, just stay in my garden. don`t go in the house cause you`re `gon get my lola mad. ughhh. i hate her as of today! >:P anyway, uhhh, i`m super excited for the awards tomorrow. :P here are the awards:

1. miss congeniality (if that`s wrong spelling, isabella typed that)

2. miss HOT nerd

3. miss super-galing-mag-sing (everyone except *ehem* *ehem* voted for the winner)

4. miss bestEST bestie

5. miss hautte hair

6. miss fashionista

7. miss laugh-a-lot

8. miss dancing queen

9. miss class clown

10. misses of the best kada

hahaha. :P that`s `gon be so galing. :)) love youu guys so much. :*

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

annoncement: six d, we`re `gon have a party.

where: alyssa enriquez`s house

when: march 24. 3 pm and upwards. :))

guys, just IM me for the details. text me din if you want. ;)

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six d. :) i`ma miss you guys SO much. :'( you guys were there for me everythime i cried. you guys were there to laugh at my super corny jokes. you guys were there to accept me for who i really am. :) thank you so much. :) this year will always be in my heart. FOREVER. ;) six d por o para siempre.
stefi, STEEPANEEEY! i`m so happy we beacame close. :P thanks for telling all those things. :) it really feels great to know i have a friend in you. ;) thanks for listening to me when i need you. :) i heart seaweed. :)
dang, yaaay. :P you were my seat mate. :)) anne frank! :)) that was so ewan, but fun cause it was with you. ;) thanks for always making me laugh. :))
isabellie, BESTIE! ehmagawd. what kaya if i never met you? :(( hahaha. no. what if you never met me? YOU`D BE A LONER! kidding. :)) thank you for being the bestest ate ever. WAY BETTER THAN JANELA. ;) hahaha. no one will ever take you place, hun. EVER. :)
chrissi, you so `friggin scared me when you said you lost your wallet. :)) i got mad the the maids pa. :P `member my paanyaya? :)) hahaha. I`M SO SMRAT! :)) you know almost all my secrest, and so i`m always `gon be here for you. even if that means i`ve to get mad at your mom to allow you to go trumpeting. ;)
chel, you`re really pretty and smart. :P i hate youu. :P hahaha. goo luck wit hthe mushu thing. ;)
lara, `member the la presentation? :)) you are the most barok japanese speaker ever! :)) that made mw laugh so much. :)) so, thanks for that. ;)
chewy, EVERYONE CALL HER CHEWY. NOT ALYSSA. :)) thanks for always helping me with homeworks and tests and stuffs. :) i owe you my grades. ;)
lexi, yo mate! :)) wanna catch a croc? :)) hahaha. that video will never be deleted from my phone. :)) oooh. i have a blackmail picture of you when you were stuck in the pail thing. :)) so, you better get used to me and bellie pissing you off. :))
rose, thanks for all the reviewers. ;) and the cd. ;) have it sent to my house, `kay? :P
auds, heeey. :P don`t worry. i know you didn`t say it. ;) i know who did na. :) anyway, thanks for cursing erminda de leon with me. :)) she sucks like hell. :))
nads, the cuttest croc ever! :)) thanks for being my bestie. ;) the sleepover was super fun. :) it wouldn`t rock as much without you. ;) i wanna play hide and seek again. and scavenger hunt. don`t worry. you don`t hafta be partners with lexi na. :))
claudine, how`s your hubby? still in jail? and the other one. are you going to his next game? :))
kryseee, best computer partner ever. THANKS FOR TEACHING ME HOW TO BE MORE HYPER THAN YOU! :)) and thanks for always being there and stuffs. ;)
bea, thanks for everything. :) `gon miss you nexrt year. ;) you cut your hair so late. :))
gel, MILK AND CEREAL! :)) hahaha. thanks for being your oh-so galago self! :)) `member king kong? kokonat? and all those names... hahaha. :P loove you. :*
clarice, CLACKERS! hahaha. :)) thanks for all the yakee! :P you really made my face go 'yaackeee' :)) LABOO! :))
claud, damn. six d would be so different without you. :)) you`re usually the reason why we laugh like hell. :)) thanks for that. ;)
stineee, thank you for so much. :) you`re so nice talaga. :) i love you for the signing thing noong last day of school. :)) and the printing of the convs. :)) thanks, sweetie. ;)
pia, thanks for the wishes. :)) that was so fun. :) i`m `gon cry talaga when it last day of 4th year. :'( hahaha. tagal pa. :P i`m always `gon be here. ;)
therese, uhmmm, oh yeah, you`re presentation for la was so funny. :)) thanks for everything. ;)
isabella, hey. :) thanks for all the memories as six d. ;)
dani, thanks for never saying 'hi' to me. :)) KIDDING. :))
jackie, thanks for all the laughs. ;)
nats, thanks for telling me the stuffs. ;) goo luck. :)
marian, honey. hahaha. :P it so doesn`t sound bad. :)) hahaha. love myou. :*
julia, i`m so sorry for you. :)) hahaha. thanks for all the laughs. 'YO!'. :)) hahaha. :P get better, `kay? :))
isa, hey. :D uhmmm, thanks for everything. :)
vic vic, thanks for uhmmm, being there? :)) love youu. :*
iña, i loved the hunt thingoe. jose rizal DAW. :)) i`m so ready to play circle dome nanaman. :)) hahaha. it`s NOT nakakasawa pala. :)) there`s still one picture of you going porno! :)) hahaha. the sleepover was so great cause of you. ;)

nix, thanks for always being there for me. :) you know a lot of secrets, and i`m so so so happy you keep `em. :P thanks for being sucha GREAT friend. no one`s like you. :P i still wanna call you 'NIxC'. :)) hahaha. love you. :*
cesy, you`re really the besst press ever. ;) thanks for so much. i love you for always making me kwento `bout him. hahaha. :)) super fun talaga. will miss you. :'(
meena, hey. :) thanks for everything. :)
jamie, are you sure no guy? hahaha. :)) thanks for all the laughs. and strangels. :))
tuason, POWDER GIRL! hahaha. :P i`m so proud of me and bellie. ;)
aina, put powder on tuason nga! :)) thanks for eveyrthing. ;)
micah, thanks for always letting me tease you and never getting mad. :)) love you. :*
kai, heeey. ;) love you. :P thanks for so much. :)
six d, ya`ll taught me so much and no class is ever `gon be like this one. we worked so hard to be where we are now, and i`m so proud of us. you guys really made me cry last day of school. thanks for all your letters. :) six d will always be six d no matter what. :) love you guys so much. :) thank you for the best year ever. :*
alyssa ***** (if you were my bestie you`d know what that stands for)

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

hey ya`ll. CONGRATS! we didn`t win last leap feast so i think it`s GREAT that we won this time. :) congrats to the other sections too! you guys did great too! :P uhhh, yeah. i think one of the thingoes that helped us win was the letter ms. cacdac reads every morning. :) it`s good to hear what other people think. :) well, that`s it for now. :) I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! SIX D `POREBER AND `EBER! :)) smackers. <3>

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hey ya`ll. CONGRATS! we didn`t win last leap feast so i think it`s GREAT that we won this time. :) congrats to the other sections too! you guys did great too! :P uhhh, yeah. i think one of the thingoes that helped us win was the letter ms. cacdac reads every morning. :) it`s good to hear what other people think. :) well, that`s it for now. :) I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! SIX D `POREBER AND `EBER! :)) smackers. <3 oh, it`s alyssa pala. :))

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Friday, December 16, 2005

hey guys. it`s alyssa here. :)

i just wanted to say that six d has really helped a lot of us this past year. :) i`m SO proud of our class. we`ve stuck together through thick and thin, and we will be with each other for better or for worse. [eeeuw, so lesbo. :))] yeah. thanks SO much for all the gifts. i received a lot from six d. i`m gonna miss you guys SO hella much. i`m so used to waking up early, going to school, and spending the rest of the day laughing. :)) you guys know me so much. you know ALL my secrets. i can really just say and do whatever i want in front of you guys cause i know ya`ll accept me for who i am, and nobody else. thanks, guys. it`s great to know we all have each other`s backs. even though we`re not perfect, i think we`re close. [yuck, kapal] :)) our class has made a lot of mistakes and achievements, and i`m happy we did both. mistakes, so we can learn. and achievements, so we can master. :) merry christmas, guys. i`m SO happy i`m from six d. i wouldn`t want to be in any other class. six d`s the bessst. :)

xoxo. smackers.

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

louie here....

i believe this is an "issue" everyone in the class needs to know about..

about the friendster thing..just leave it alone..
okay...6d rox! nothin u fools can do about it..we're sorry if people like us..but we're so not sorry if people dont like you..so quit fooling around..and well..stop trashing our tagboard...just like what i, rik, alyssa..and well everyone in the whole class is saying...just f***off...gawd..feeling mo your the queen b? excuse moi! six d's the queen b! nothin you can do about it! so might as well get your sorry lil a** out of our sites coz one more post from you and we'll totally ban you from ever tagging in our site..you know who you are..so might as well take this warning..and f*** off..

alyssa, rik and well everyone who's been defending not only our site but most importantly our site...

everyone loves you..i think y'all know that..we all love you for what you're doing for our class..hold your head up high and reach for the top..6d is the best class..we all know and as for those who keep on trashing our name..we all know what to do..hand in hand we'll be the best..one class..one love..6d rox..

aryt thats it..im outie..got some cbox stuff to take care of!

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Friday, November 11, 2005

hey guys! it`s alyssa. uhhmmm...i just wanted to greet most of the november celebrants :) if i forgot you...it`s because your special. hahaha. =))


chrissandra. krystyna. pia. dani. nikki. and meena.

you guys make the class what it is and with out one of you, sixd wouldn`t rock as much as it does. :P hahaha. we love you all and wish you beleated or advance happy birthday. :)

ANNOUNCEMENT : who the hell made the 'six dee' friendster account? i`m just wondering cause...everyone`s wondering. =)) just to whoever you are, the profile you made is offending to other people and hopefully you change it. we don`t wanna be know for being like that. :) pleeeaase? ...or...you can just tell me who you are and i`ll fix the profile or something. =)) i promise i won`t get mad or anything. :) hahaha. love you all. six d ROCKS!!!

btw, isabella benitez dosen`t think six d is the best class. uggghhh.... i hate you. :P hahaha. kidding. love you.

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

love you guys!!

tomorrows like sembreak na!! and varsity night!! its just well hard to believe.. fil test today.. soo hard.. i think i failed =D it was soo f'n hard.. i hate rik!! ya'll knoe why!! nothin to say nemore.. =p.. so yeah..


love you guys!!

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well... 6d!!! our class is about... anything and everything!!! its all about us... we all share our laughs... haha!!! noisy..super!!!! our class rox!!! seriously!! we all love so much different stuff... put it together and you've created a whole catastrophe!!!! were the whole package!! >kapal< but its true!!! we have singers dancers... etc... etc!!!! want proof??? heLLo!!! field trip we had some sorta spoofs of american idol!!!! bus idol >> dance mania!!! and pinoy idol sa edsa >> singing competition!!! cool... all i can say is that we all love this class!!! well really!?! haha... anyways... we are one... we are 6d... nothing can tear us apart!!


we are all divided...pero united parin!!! we all have our own 'kadas... nikki.. pia.. geli.. nads.. meena >> well all i can say is that theyre OBSESSED with care bears!!!! well iña.. chrissi.. dang.. lara.. chesca.. marian.. bea >> SP addicTs!!!!haha...simpLe pLan junkies >> best way to describe theM!!! louiE >> banAnA!!!mRs. rKo.. baLLet daNceR!!! saN miGuel beEr 4 liFe!!! cEcY >> cLasS pResiDent!!!! aLysSa>> cutesY!!!haHA.. .giMikeRa... daMinG boYs!!!! weLL... oVeraLL >> 6D = diVas... haha!!! we dA bOmB!!!!6d roX!!!


-Isabella B.
-Nikki R.
-Nikki T.



we’ll have all 6D’s birthday celebrants up by the end of the trim test =D *arayt* haha =P


Special Thanks to THE hotties: Louie, Nikki, Angelica, Alyssa, and Chrissi!
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